Thursday, April 30, 2009

the big time?

this week i played out in Hollywood for the first time with my friend Jon Hans. We played this Irish pub called Molly Malones, a cool space. We arrived early, having not played there before. The drummer notice that Nick Lachey, formerly of boy band 98 degrees, was in the bar. We thought that was odd, but ya know, it's Hollywood. Next a few singer/songwriters hit the stage, trading songs (that weren't the great). Petty soon our buddy Nick was right up on stage next to the host of this little singer/songer party. Apparently they share the same label and had done some co-writing. So he joined her for a couple songs. Then, Chris Daughtry, came out a did a few songs. What? yeah. So i'm weirded out and chuckling to myself when i realize, Nick Lachey and Chris Daughtry are opening for us!

Ah yes, the fine print. So after all their whole set (which ran late and made all our peeps wait around), the hosts invited everyone to the after party at the bar around the corner with no regard to us. I'm sure they and their posse were all gone by the time we started. So, were not the big time, as you knew already. But while they beat us in vocal chops, we totally beat them in rock'n'rollness.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Come on Down

well, shoot. I meant to get this up before monday...I went to the Price is Right! it was a lot of fun. It kinda became a whole day experience between, the waiting in line at 6am for tickets, coming back early for security checks and an interview with the producer and finally the taping. Well, if any of you happened to be watching the price is right on Monday, i was there in the audience just to your right of contestant's row, 5 rows back, which got me plenty of camera time! only i forogt to post this, so probably just my parents saw me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

in memory of my 'stache

It all started last year for "mustache March...and maybe April" as i put it. then i just had a 'stache for until about October when i decided to go big or go...normal? anyway, here's the night before it all came off.

Well, it's nice not to have to wax up the old stache in the morning, and it's also nice to be able to eat without also eating my stache. But i do miss it. The funny looks and random conversations that it generated. Even on the subway where people do not talk to one another, i'd get to meet all sorts of people just cuz I had this huge thing on my upper lip.
Although i did receive many complements with exclamatory expletives I think the best one came through action. There were three high school students on the subway squished into a space for two trying to get a good self-taken picture of themselves...or so they would have others believe, but not me. I saw what was going down. I knew the lines, the nervous talk of how good the picture of the three of was. I had done this too many times myself. Actually they were just trying to document the guy with the huge mustache they had seen on the subway to show their friends. I was that guy! Thanks random high schoolers, for the best compliment i could have received.