Saturday, September 26, 2009

back in The Kane

so i'm back in spokane for a while. a long while. it hasn't really set in yet. it still feels like i'm just here for a holiday or something and i'll be going back to where ever else i live and whatever else i'm doing with my life in a week or two. it's kinda weird. what was weirder was a few things that happened when i went down town (in contrast to the LA experience i just finished) to the coffee shop to get to the bottom of my google reader and see who i could run into.

  • i found parking
  • a quarter got me a whole hour in a meter
  • two complete strangers walking toward me greeted me politely
  • got an invite to sit in on a blues gig
  • paid a mere 4 bucks and change for and iced americano, cup of drip, and a pastery
  • after i finished my coffee i was served up with a "welcome home beer," a free Black Butte Porter. mmm.
none of this happened in LA. as weird as it is, i think my time in The Kane is gonna turn alright.