Saturday, May 30, 2009


I was defeated by this glorious (or embarrassingly gluttonous) plate of pancakes recently at the Griddle in West Hollywood. As with most places in Hollywood the food's not cheap but, c'mon, pancakes for dayz! In the future i would recommend this plate for 3 people who are really pumped about eating pancakes. The list of pancake types was intense. These particular tasties are of the Baileys and kahlua variety which, ended up being a bit rich for my tastes.

Today with a more manageable portion of homemade mulit-grain blueberry pancakes i had an unfortunate incident when cutting into them. Anybody know how to get a blueberry juice stain off of white paint?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the Hoff

my best friend Jeff is visiting me this week, and as we were strolling along toward the record store who did we see? none other than David Hasselhoff.

we followed him into urban outfitters to confirm the sighting. he had a purse dog. he struts exactly like you would think he would. awesome.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

people who know people i know or sorta know or used to know

i'm constantly amazed at the small world network of rock'n'rollers having a go at following Jesus.

one night last week while i was rehearsing with Jon Hans and Friends my guitar tone was particularly bitchin. it called to mind an album from a little known (or so i thought) band called The Cinematic Underground. i asked if any of my bandmates had heard of these genuises, and Jon said, "how do you know them?" Which i followed with, "How do you know them?" Jon, a former YWAMer, had spent a summer with Nathan Jonhson, the super-genuis leader of the Cinematic Underground, at a YWAM conference in England. I know of the band because they are friends of the Contemporary Music Center of which i am an alumnus, and had briefly met Nathan a show in Brooklyn on the CMC road trip. weird.

last friday i helped some of my new friends from Jon's band put on a show at a cool warehouse space downtown. a rockin' new band called Brown Sugar Sinks performed. good people. And i met some other good peeps at the show including some who go to my church whom i'd yet to met. in one random conversation, the band Telecast was brought up, i think because of a mishearing of the name of this sweet band. Anywho, I told the others that i used to know some of the guys in Telecast, because some of them played in Buddy Ruckus, who was a big brother band to my band growing up. Apparently one of the guys, who i hadn't seen in mmm, 7 years is the lead music guy at a church nearby. huh.

i think there were more too, but i'm failing to remember. it's just interesting (not new news, but wonderful news none-the-less) to me how God blesses those with a common mission, in him, to run in the same global circle. He is so good.