Tuesday, October 28, 2008


this is  Pink's. it's a hotdog stand that has been on this corner since 1939! you can get just about whatever you can think of on your hotdog. I went for fairly normal  Bacon Chili Cheese Dog, but the Mulholland Dr. dog looked very enticing. Check out the full menu here.

Here's another shot of the line. It doesn't really do it justice.  There is always a line that goes around the building and down the ally. Always. And when you get to the front it snakes you around like disneyland! For a brief moment I thought about making this a Hollyweird post, but I think we safely say this fits in the category of Hollyawesome.

Monday, October 27, 2008

more like Hollyweird (2)

I had hoped for a better angle but mr. red shirt messed it all up. this is an In-and-out burger, and we're fairly certain that she's wearing a wedding dress.

beach in October?

Yep. on friday it was about 85 or 90 in Hollywood so my roommate and I went to the beach. it was wonderful. I just wanted to make those you of jealous who have actually be able to experience fall, cuz i am jealous of you.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

fall and furniture

This is my roommate Brandon. After a long day of searching through IKEA for the very cheapest tables and chairs, and putting together said tables and chairs, we walked over to our friendly neighborhood Ralph's and picked up (as Jeff would say) the all-American meal break in our new table. We enjoyed our pizza on paper towels, as we do not yet have plates, and with the dawn of fall (two days ago it was still 95 degrees here) we a little Octoberfest. Really we were just excited to not sit on the floor.

Monday, October 6, 2008


more like awesome work! 

I had my first day of classes today and school is going to be a blast. For homework i've been touching up on pattern 2 and 4, in the CAGED system, of the blues scale and learning some rhythm figures/chord changes for tomorrow's Rhythm Section workshop. Here's what a general week of Rock'n'Roll school will look like:

12pm  - Reading II (my lowest point in placement tests...gonna take a little work)
1pm - Single String Improvisation II  (not sure why it's called single string)
2pm Rhythm Guitar II
5pm Slide guitar

12pm - Harmony and Theory III
1pm - Ear Training III
2-4pm - Rhythm Section Workshop (taking what we did in SSI and Rhythm Guitar yesterday and putting it together with a bass player and drummer)
4pm - Private lesson

just like monday expect my elective will be Jimi Hendrix Rhythm guitar

like tuesday, but without the RSW and plus Rock Lead Guitar

There is another class called Live Playing Workshop where you sign up for a time slot playing a style of your choosing (Modern Rock, Blues, Fusion, Jazz, Country, Metal, etc) with a band made up of other students from the bass, keys, percussion, vocal programs and get critiqued by professors. Your supposed to do about 1 a week.

So there is no more of the dreaded homework...just awesome work. And starting class at noon is so rock'n'roll.

And...Praise the Lord!...i finally have an apartment.  The building looks pretty sketchy (just like i like it), but the place itself is pretty nice (small, but nice), and i'm sharing it with this guy named Brandon whom i barely know, but he went to the Comtemporary Music Center too, so we're basically family. It's right on Hollywood Blvd about 2 miles from school. We finish moving in tomorrow. Now about that job...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

more good news

doughnut shops and 7elevens are in abundance in CA. To help me combat traffic this afternoon, I had a huge-ass mable bar and slurpee for a  well rounded 4 o'clock lunch (don't worry i ran 3 miles this morning...maybe i should have run 4) along with a little wilco (I also can't get enough of Sky Blue Sky right now). Everything was fine and dandy until the sugar wore off and the swass set in...but then I still had Nels Cline's guitaring blowing my mind.  Soon i'll have a place in Hollywood (pray for that, if you have a second) and I won't have the long drives back to the burbs where the McAlpines are being my wonderful hosts. i love family, or friend's family, or yeah family, or the body of Christ. yeah. 

some good news

For some reason I couldn't get the lyrics to copy in here right, but here for your enjoyment is a song by the band Frightened Rabbit called The Modern Leper. I can't get enough right now.

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