Monday, February 8, 2010

records '09

here are some records that i thought were pretty great last year.

Alberta Cross - just cool. dirty alt. rock with a unique voice and great production
Bazan - Curse You Branches - heartbreakingly honest
Bob Dylan and the Band - The Basement Tapes - trapped in some unpublished purgatory since the early 70s these tapes remind us what rock and roll is all about. Buy this now.
Castledoor - Shouting at Mountains - fun indie rock in which redemption is definitely afoot
Dawes - North Hills - new classic rock, great harmonies, sing along songs
Karli Fairbanks - Followed EP - her best (i think) and most rocking effort, solid songs and production
Liza Day and the Northbound Tresste Singers - self titled - Lindsey took stage name, rounded up a great band and continues to bring us honest stories and simply put wisdom
Sara Watkins - self titled - disappointing production by John Paul Jones, nice originals, fantastic covers, magical vocal delivery, magnificent session playing
Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers - Songs In the Night - the endearing "frog in my [her] throat" doesn't stop this Okie from belting out what she knows in front of a tasty and tasteful rock/county band
Sarah jarosz - Song Up in Her Head - songs and mandolin playing way beyond her 19 years

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