Wednesday, October 7, 2009

something good on the radio!

Last week the Paste blog gave me the heads up that Wilco was playing on the live broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion. Yep it's true, Garrison Keillor and crew are still broadcasting from Saint Paul, Minnesota with their old-timey live radio show, complete with the chronicles of Guy Noir private eye, the news from Lake Wobegone, silly commercials read by the host, and all the goofs and stumbles of doing it all live. You can check out the list of local stations that broadcast the show or stream it online from the website, saturdays at 5pm Central.
Wilco was good, but they played all new stuff which i haven't really gotton into yet. The bluegrass/country singer Patty Loveless was on the show too. She was great and did a Don Williams tune with some lines i particularly enjoyed:

Hand fulls of dust, hand fulls of dust
Sums up the richest and poorest of us
True love makes priceless the worthless
Whenever its added to a hand full of dust

Throughout the show, from music to comedy, they kept bringing the little jabs of truth to keep you thinking. And it's all wrapped up in a nearly forgotten art from- the live radio show. Tune in next week for special guest Neko Case!

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